MACS donates for a new kitchen for the seamen’s mission in Hamburg

Left to right:Susanne Hergoss (Seamen’s Home), Astrid Busch (MACS), Ernest Ghartey (Resident) Christine Willenborg (MACS), Marie von Rumohr (MACS), Felix Tolle (Seamen’s Home), Thomas Mensah (Resident) and in front Daniel Gomez (Resident)


In the view of a long-standing relationship with the Hamburg Seamen’s Mission Krayenkamp, MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping supported the Seamen’s Mission with a generous grant for the re-design of their kitchen. The residents will now be able to cook the special dishes from their homelands in a comfortable and modern environment. The idea of creating a modern and friendly kitchen is to further strengthen the residents' sense of community, by providing them with a place where they can feel at home and where they can introduce their local cuisine to residents of other nationalities. Cooking together is the perfect way to bring people closer together as every hand is needed and everyone can help, which leads to an improved exchange and sense of community that can be further deepened by a shared meal.

At the official opening ceremony, a delegation from MACS handed over a specially designed lifebuoy to Susanne Hergoss and Felix Tolle of the Hamburg Seamen’s Mission. The lifebuoy features the MACS logo and wishes the residents “bon appétit” in 14 different languages. The most common languages used at the Seamen’s mission have been selected, which are Fanti + Akan (Ghana), German, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Indonesian and Tagalog (Philippines). Besides that, the picture of a MACS vessel in front of the Elbe Philharmonic Concert Hall is now decorating the kitchen’s wall.

The history of the Seamen's Mission in Hamburg goes back to 1863. The first seamen's home in Germany was founded in Hamburg in 1887. In 1906, the Hamburg Seamen's Home was inaugurated at the Wolfgangsweg with around 60 beds. After the house was partially destroyed in World War 2, the Seamen's Mission moved into the newly build house at Krayenkamp in 1959 where it has been ever since.

The Seamen's Mission is a second home for more than 2,000 seafarers every year and its aim is to be a “home port” for the seafarers and to offer them a place where they can feel at home, find a room, a warm meal and enjoy a familiar and friendly atmosphere among like-minded people.

We wish the residents of the Seamen's Mission many wonderful cooking experiences in the new kitchen.