NOTICE TO TRADE: Implementation of Stabilization Surcharge

Dear customers

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating tremendous misery and hardship all over the world and is affecting all our daily lives, the impact on the global economy is enormous and unprecedented and the logistic sector is not excluded from this impact.

MACS Maritime Carrier Shipping, as a shipping line, is confronted with many effects such as but not limited to, congestion at ports, reduced capacity and productivity at terminals, less availability of port-services such as pilots and tugs, reduced efficiency of feeder services, quarantine measures at ports and increased efforts to ensure the protection of the crew.

MACS aims to maintain the highest possible level of service quality during these extraordinary times and therefore we have no other option but to implement a Stabilization Surcharge which will be charged on all cargo shipped on the MACS service.

The Stabilization Surcharge will be applicable as of MV Golden Karoo v.0213 (S/B), MV Red Cedar v.0116 (N/B) and Yellowstone v. 2013 (N/B).



US$ 75 / TEU


EUR 2 w/m


6 % on freight